Vendredi 11 juin, Symposium "Physiology and Pathophysiology of Basal Ganglia", Pr. Jean-Michel Deniau's jubilee

9h00-9h15 Introduction : Marie-Lou Kemel, Stéphane Charpier, Laurent Venance

Session 1 : Anatomo-functionnal organization of basal ganglia network (chair : Jérome Yelnik & Yves Gioanni)

9h15-9h30 Philippe Mailly (Paris) : Development of a functional 3D model of the basal ganglia
9h30-9h45 Henk Groenewegen (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas) Corticostriatal circuits and their role in friendship
9h45-10h00 Nicolas Maurice (Marseille) : Anatomo-functionnal organization of basal ganglia network in both normal and pathological situations
10h00-10h15 Suzanne Haber (Rochester, USA) Loops within basal ganglia

10h15-10h45  Pause café

Session 2 : Role of striatal microcircuits (chair : Martin Deschenes & Marie-Lou Kemel)

10h45-11h00 Jocelyne Caboche (Paris) : Tracing the ERK signaling pathway to striatal functions
11h00-11h15 Jean-Antoine Girault (Paris) : Dopaminergic signaling in striatum
11h15-11h30 Elodie Fino (New York, USA) : Corticostriatal spike timing-dependent plasticity
11h30-11h45 Charles Wilson (San Antonio, USA) : Striatal cholinergic microcircuits
11h45-12h00 Philippe Faure (Paris) : Cholinergic modulation of ventral tegmental area dopaminergic cells
12h00-12h30 Round table n°1
« What’s new pussycat ? » (Suzanne Haber, Jérome Yelnik & Anne-Marie Thierry)

12h30-14h00  Déjeuner

Session 3 : Dopamine and pathophysiology of basal ganglia (chair : Henk Groenewegen & Stéphane Charpier)

14h00-14h15 Yves Gioanni (Paris) : What does dopamine in cortex ?
14h15-14h30 Lydia Kerkerian (Marseille) : Remodeling of striatal microcircuits in parkinsonian state
14h30-14h45 Verena Aliane (Paris) : Basal ganglia circuits, cholinergic transmission and deep brain stimulation in a rat experimental model of motor stereotypies
14h45-15h00 Marc Savasta (Grenoble) : Mechanisms of deep brain stimulation in subthalamic nucleus
15h15-15h45 Round table n°2
« Dopamine : Apocalypse Now? » (Yves Agid, André Nieoullon & Alain Prochiantz)

15h45-16h15  Pause café

Session 4 : How modeling basal ganglia ? (chair : Charles Wilson & Laurent Venance)

16h15-16h30 Martin Deschenes (Montreal, Canada) : Inhibitory gating and disinhibition in the vibrissal system of rodents
16h30-16h45 Morgane Pidoux (Paris) Integration of sensory information in the cortico-striatal network: an in vivo intracellular study
16h45-17h00 Bruno Delord (Paris) Dynamics of learning and memory
17h00-17h15 Thomas Boraud (Bordeaux) Role of the cortex-basal ganglia loop in the decision making processes
17h15-17h30 David Hansel (Paris) Competition between Feedback loops underlies normal and pathological dynamics in the basal ganglia
17h30-18h00 Round table n°3
« Show Must Go On ! » (Mister Surprise)

18h00-18h15 Conclusion : Jacques Glowinski
18h15-18h30 Jean-Michel Deniau