16 et 17 novembre - International Symposium on Macroporous Materials

From Novel Preparation Techniques to Advanced Applications

Clément Sanchez, Chaire de Chimie de Matériaux Hybrides

New synthetic approaches to macroporous materials
Ice-segregation based techniques: Dr. S. Deville
Integrative chemistry toward macrocellular foams: Prof. R. Backov
Preparation and functionalization of low density 3-D networks of nanocellulose : Prof. L. Wågberg
Bionanocomposite foams: Prof. E. Ruiz-Hitzky
Porous structures for tissue engineering: Prof. J. Mano

Simulation / Characterization techniques
Scanning hard X-ray 2D/3D imaging: Dr. A. Somogyi
2D/3D imagery, evolving morphology and confined transport: Dr. P. Levitz
Bone mechanics and adaptive foams: Dr. R. Weinkamer

Application of macroporous materials
Macroporous ceramics for maxillofacial reconstruction: Dr. J. Brie
Modeling of thermal properties of cellular foam materials: Dr. D. Bailli