Born March 4, 1962 at Saint-Leu-la-forêt (Val d’Oise, France)

Married, five children.

Present position: Directrice de recherche at CNRS, Inst. Math Jussieu. From June 1, 2016, Professeur at Collège de France.

1981 Entered École Normale Superieure, Sèvres

1983 Agrégation

1986 PhD thesis (Adviser A. Beauville); permanent research position at CNRS.
1989 Habilitation.


  • Bronze medal of the CNRS (1988).
  • IBM prize for young researchers (1989).

  • Prize of the European Mathematical Society (1992).
  • Servant prize awarded by the Académie des Sciences de Paris (1996).
  • Sophie Germain prize awarded by the Académie des Sciences de Paris (2003).
  • Silver medal of the CNRS (2006).
  • Foreign member of Istituto Lombardo (Italy, elected 2006).
  • Satter Prize awarded by the American Mathematical Society (2007).
  • Clay Research Award (2008).

  • Member of the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina (elected 2009).
  • Member of the Académie des Sciences (elected 2010).
  • Foreign member of the Accademia dei Lincei (elected 2011).
  • Honorary member of the London Mathematical Society (elected 2012).

  • Member of Academia Europa (elected 2014).
  • Heinz Hopf prize 2015 (awarded by ETH Zürich).

Selected invitations

  • Invited speaker (Algebraic geometry section) of the International congress of Mathematicians (Zürich, 1994).
  • Lagrange Chair (Roma, 1996).
  • Plenary speaker at the 4th European congress of Mathematics (Stockholm, July 2004): “Recent progresses in Kähler and complex algebraic geometry”.
  • Takagi lectures (Kyoto, November 2006): “Some aspects of the Hodge conjecture”.
  • Adrian Albert lectures of the University of Chicago (April 2007): “Hodge structures in Kähler and/or algebraic geometry”.

  • Clay senior scholar, MSRI 2009.
  • Alfred Brauer lectures, UNC, Chapel Hill (February 2009): “Curves and their Jacobians; from canonical syzygies to Hodge theory and algebraic cycles of Jacobians”.
  • Plenary speaker at the International congress of Mathematicians (Hyderabad, August 2010): “On the cohomology of algebraic varieties”.
  • Rademacher lectures, (University of Pennsylvania, October 2011)
  • Hermann Weyl lectures (IAS, Princeton, November 2011).
  • Abel lecture, (Oslo, May 2013). “Mixed Hodge structures and the topology of algebraic varieties” (présentation des travaux de Deligne).

  • Coxeter lectures, (Fields Institute, November 2013) “Chow rings of Calabi-Yau manifolds”.

  • British Mathematical Colloquium, plenary lecture, (Queen Mary University of London, April 2014).

  • Distinguished visiting professor, IAS 2014-2015.
  • Distinguished lectures, University of Haifa (April 2016).

Editorial membership


  • Mathematische Zeitschrift (1997-2004).
  • Annales de l’ENS (1999-2004).
  • Journal of Algebraic Geometry (2004-2007).
  • J. Differential Geometry (2004-2007).

  • Duke Math. Journal, (1996-2010).
  • Journal of the European Math. Society (JEMS) (1998-2014).


Editor of :

  • Communications in Contemporary Mathematics since 2007.
  • Publications Mathématiques de l’IHES since 2007 (now chef-editor).
  • Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées since 2009.

  • Communications in Analysis and Geometry since 2012.

Associate editor of :

  • Compositio Mathematica, since 1998.

PhD students

  • Anna Otwinowska, Thesis defended in January 2000: “Groupes de Chow des hypersurfaces et intersections complètes de petit degré”.
  • Lorenz Schneider, Thesis defended in December 2001 on the higher Abel-Jacobi invariants defined by M. Green.
  • Gianluca Pacienza, Thesis defended in January 2002.
  • Catriona Maclean, Thesis defended in April 2003.
  • Thomas Dedieu, Thesis defended in November 2008.
  • Julien Grivaux, Thesis defended in October 2009.
  • François Charles, Thesis defended in April 2010.

  • Lie Fu, Thesis defended in October 2013.
  • Hsueh-Yung Lin, thesis defended in November 2015.
  • René Mboro, thesis started September 2014.
  • Ivan Bazhov, thesis started September 2014.