Partnership with the University of Tokyo

Partnership with the University of Tokyo (TODAI)

Every two years the prestigious University of Tokyo (TODAIi) organizes a Forum to promote its activities and encour-age the development of new cooperation and exchanges, in association with some of the world's leading research and higher education institutions.
Stanford University, the National University of Singapore, and the leading universities of Beijing, Seoul, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been associated with these events. In 2011, the University of Tokyo chose French institutions for this event. The Forum took place from 17 to 21 October, in Paris and Lyon, on the theme of "The Frontiers of Knowledge". The inaugural session was held at the Collège de France on 17 October, and involved several Collège de France professors (Profs Roger Chartier, Anne Cheng, Pierre Corvol, Alain Prochiantz, Jean-Noël Robert, and Pierre-Étienne Will). Following this event, a permanent partnership between the Collège de France and the University of Tokyo, should be signed shortly.
University of Tokyo