Visiting Professors

Following professors' proposals, including proposals by ­eme­ri­­tus professors, the Collège de France extends invita-tions to numerous lecturers from abroad for two types of stay.
In the first case, a professor stays for one month (sometimes two) and gives four (or eight) one-hour lectures, once a week. Visiting professors are hosted at the Hugot Foundation of the Collège de France, which has accommodation suited to these four- or eight-week stays. The Collège de France can thus fund 24 months of residencies annually.
In the second case, lecturers' stay at the Collège de France is shorter. Lecturers generally give one or two lectures during their one- to two-week stay. The Hugot Foundation also covers­ for accommodation costs, and thirty-five lec-tures per year can be funded in this way. Most lectures delivered by visiting pro­fessors are uploaded onto the Collège de France website. Part of the proceedings can also be published in La lettre, the Collège de France Newsletter and the Collège de France Yearbook (Cours et travaux du Collège de France).
Twenty-eight scholars were invited during the academic year 2011/2012.