Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe


[Carlo Ossola]

Pro incipientibus:

Professor Carlo Ossola (Turin 1946) has been a professor at the Collège de France since 1999, occupying the Chair in Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe created for him by the Collège de France. Since 2007, he has been leading the Institute of Italian Studies at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). He was also full professor at the University of Geneva (1976-1982), the University of Padua (1982-1988), and the University of Turin (1988-1999).

His books have been published in French by Seuil, Éditions du Felin, Jérôme Millon, and Payot-Rivage.

Among his many books in Italian, he has directed an anthology on Italian poetry in three volumes with Cesare Segre (1997-1999) in the "Pléiade" collection published by Einaudi/Gallimard.

He directs the Lettere Italiane magazine, founded in 1948 and published by Olschki (Florence) and its two collections of essays: "Biblioteca" and "Saggi."

He co-directs the Rivista di storia e letteratura religiosa, founded in 1965 and also published by Olschki (Florence), and is responsible for two collections of essays: "Testi e documenti" and "Studi".

He is a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.

Among his recent books: Il continente interiore, Venice, Marsilio, 2010 [French translation: Éditions du Félin, 2013]; editing, introduction, and commentary of Jalons by Dag Hammarskjöld, Paris, Éditions du Félin, 2010; En pure perte, Payot-Rivages, 2011; Libri d’Italia. 1861-2011, Ricciardi 2011; Introduzione alla Divina Commedia, Marsilio, 2012; À vif. La création et les signes, Imprimerie nationale – Actes Sud, 2012; Letteratura Italiana. Canone dei classici, UTET 2012 (8 volumes); Conversation sur le temps [with Michel Butor], Éditions de la Différence, 2012; Autunno del Rinascimento, Olschki, 2014 [second edition, with an introduction by Mario Praz]; Érasme et l’Europe, Éditions du Félin, 2014.

Pro proficientibus:
De me ipso dicendum quod de se scripsit Vladimirus Jankélévitch optabile puto : “Somewhere in the unfinished”...