Nicholas Stern Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society (2009-2010)


Managing climate change and promoting growth, development and equity

5 February 2010

The two great challenges of the 21st century: overcoming poverty and managing climate change

19 February 2010

The ethics of Climate Change: The environment, future and deprivation

5 March 2010

Opportunities and policies for low-carbon growth in the developed and developing world

19 March 2010

A global deal for action on climate Change: Managing climate change and creating a new era of progress and prosperity

2 April 2010

Managing climate change and promoting growth, development and equity

Managing Climate Change

June 7 - 8, 2010

The conference’s program covers two days. During the first day, discussions will focus on long-term economics. Some of the chief participants in the animated debate that climate policy has generated among economists will be present. At the heart of the debate are the principles of cost-benefit analysis and the question of the long term discount rate. The second day’s discussions will revolve around innovation and institutional choices. As on the first day, leading specialists will present their views. Among the participants will be two Nobel Prize laureates in economics: Sir James Mirrlees on the first day and Thomas. C. Schelling on the second.
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