Les 10, 11 et 12 septembre colloque international : Atomes, cavités et photons

Atomes et Photons

Thursday, September 10th

9h00- 9h15: Welcome address

9h15-12h45: Session 1 “Cavity QED” (Chair: F. Schmidt-Kaler)

9h15-10h00: C. Cohen-Tannoudji The dressed atom approach. From radio-frequency spectroscopy to cold atoms and cavity quantum electrodynamics.

10h00-10h45: D. Kleppner The Happy History of Cavity QED

11h15-12h00: J.M. Raimond Exploring the quantum with atoms and cavities

12h00-12h45: A. Wallraf Exploring the Interactions of Microwave Photons and Superconducting Qubits in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

14h30-18h00: Session 2 “Cavity QED and Cold Atoms” (Chair: M. Inguscio)

14h30-15h15: G. Rempe Cavity QED with trapped atoms and mobile photons

15h15-16h00: E. Hinds Cavity QED on a Chip

16h30-17h15: J. Reichel Miniaturizing optical cavity QED

17h15-18h00: D. Meschede Playing quantum marbles, or can we make two individual atoms interfere with each other?

Friday, September 11th

9h00-12h30: Session 3 “Quantum Optics” (Chair L. Moi)

9h00- 9h45: T. Hänsch The Heartbeat of Light

9h45-10h30: P. Grangier Blockade and entanglement using individually trapped Rydberg atoms

11h00-11h45: A. Zeilinger Photonic Entanglement Fundamentals and Applications

11h45-12h30: E. Polzik Quantum state engineering of macro-atomic objects

14h00-16h15: Session 4 “Quantum Optics in Solids” (Chair E. Solano)

14h00-14h45: Y. Yamamoto Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons

14h45-15h30: J.M. Gérard Semi-conducting quantum boxes: CQED effects and applications

15h30-16h15: V. Sandoghdar On single emitters, photons, and plasmons: light confinement without cavities

16h45-18h15: Session 5 “Trapped ions and quantum information” (Chair: A. Rauschenbeutel)

16h45-17h30: D. Wineland Exploring the Jaynes-Cummings coupling between internal states of trapped atoms and their harmonic motion

17h30-18h15: R. Blatt Quantum information science with trapped Ca+ ions

Saturday, September 12th

9h00-12h30: Session 6 “Theoretical Quantum Optics” (Chair: N. Zagury)

9h00- 9h45: R.J. Glauber Title to be announced

9h45-10h30: P. Knight Entangling Atoms and Photons in Cavity QED.

11h00-11h45: P. Zoller Rydberg atoms and Quantum Information

11h45-12h30: L. Davidovich Entanglement and decoherence

12h30-12h45: Concluding Remarks (S. Haroche)

Serge Haroche
Collège de France
11, place Marcelin Berthelot
75005 Paris
Amphithéâtre Maurice Halbwachs

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