CNRS and Collège de France partnership: an incubator for young teams (USR 3573)


Director : Michel Brune

IPCdF, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, UMR 8552 (ENS, UPMC, CNRS)

The Physics Institute will provide a particularly favourable scientific and technical environment for hosting an incubator for young teams, the fruit of a partnership between the CNRS and the Collège de France. This incubator will be a key element for maintaining the strength of the interdisciplinary physics-chemistry-biology continuum of Collège de France. It aims at providing young researchers with an ideal material and intellectual environment to foster innovative research projects, up to the point of maturity where they will be able to obtain a permanent position in another institution.

The young teams will benefit from laboratory and office space, as well as material and administrative support. Initial funding for their activity will be provided for by a four-year contract, which will cover running costs. The development of the teams' research will then allow them to apply for further sources of funding.

Once fully operational, the incubator will host five teams on an ongoing basis. These teams will be recruited through calls for projects, open to young researchers who have obtained their PhD within the last ten years and who already have a significant post-doc experience, as well as an appropriate research project. Following an initial four-year period, the teams' activity will be assessed by the international scientific comitee. The contract can be renewed for another four-year period, after review and depending on the employment situation of the candidate.