Clément Sanchez, chaire Chimie des matériaux hybrides
Publié le 08 octobre 2015

From Novel Preparation Techniques to Advanced Applications

Clément Sanchez, Chaire de Chimie de Matériaux Hybrides

New synthetic approaches to macroporous materials
Ice-segregation based techniques: Dr. S. Deville
Integrative chemistry toward macrocellular foams: Prof. R. Backov
Preparation and functionalization of low density 3-D networks of nanocellulose : Prof. L. Wågberg
Bionanocomposite foams: Prof. E. Ruiz-Hitzky
Porous structures for tissue engineering: Prof. J. Mano

Simulation / Characterization techniques
Scanning hard X-ray 2D/3D imaging: Dr. A. Somogyi
2D/3D imagery, evolving morphology and confined transport: Dr. P. Levitz
Bone mechanics and adaptive foams: Dr. R. Weinkamer

Application of macroporous materials
Macroporous ceramics for maxillofacial reconstruction: Dr. J. Brie
Modeling of thermal properties of cellular foam materials: Dr. D. Bailli