Stripes, Antiferromagnetism and the Pseudogap in the Doped Hubbard Model from Minimally Entangled Typical Thermal States

Cet événement aura lieu en ligne, inscription à solliciter auprès de Mme Carmen Toderasc :

The phase diagram of the two-dimensional Hubbard model poses one of the most interesting conundrums in contemporary condensed matter physics. While describing essential aspects of high-temperature superconductors, it remains a paradigmatic model embodying the complexity of the ‘strong correlation problem’. In this talk, I demonstrate how our recent advances in tensor network methods allow us to perform controlled and accurate simulations ranging from the high-temperature incoherent limit down to essentially the ground state regime on finite cylinders. Focusing on the hole-doped square lattice at strong coupling, we discover a novel phase characterized by commensurate short-range antiferromagnetic correlations and a small nodal charge gap at temperatures above the half-filled stripe phase extending to zero temperature. These features bear a strong resemblance to the pseudogap regime of cuprate superconductors.

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