Présentation du colloque de rentrée 2014 en anglais

2014 has not yet drawn to a close, but there have already been many events commemorating the Great War. The First World War is arousing interest in all quarters in a way which could not have been predicted ten or twenty years ago – as if we are only able to assess the impact of the war on the century that followed it now that the last veterans have died.
There is nothing more to be said concerning the responsibility for triggering hostilities, the horror of the trenches and the miscalculations of the peace treaties. However, many questions still remain unanswered, in particular those relating to the protracted aftermath of the war.
The Symposium will not address events which have received wide coverage elsewhere, but rather the premonitory signs, the upheavals that came about during the conflict, and their long-term effects. The emphasis will be on the breakdown and the restructuring process in the sciences, society, attitudes, representations, philosophy, literature and the arts, irrespective of whether they were directly caused by the war.

Scientific committee: Antoine Compagnon, Claudine Haroche, Serge Haroche, Henry Laurens, Alain Prochiantz, Claudine Tiercelin