Recent Advances on Quantum Computing

11 juin 2021

Colloque Magniez Juin 2021

Symposium in English organized by Frédéric Magniez, Chair Informatics and Computational Sciences Created in association with Inria.

June 17 and 18, 2021, Room 2

Open to the public, within space limits, subject to availability.

This is a joint event between the Chaire Quantum Algorithms (2020-21) at Collège de France  and the series of workshops Quantum In Paris.

The goal of this colloquium is to bring together at College de France the research community in quantum computing. Recent progress in the field will be presented on various topics such as quantum algorithms, quantum networks, quantum verification, experimental developments,  among others. Moreover, the colloquium will also host a presentation on the recent/future evolution of the quantum hub in Paris.

Talks will be given by a young generation of researchers (PhD students, post-docs and junior faculty) for both experts and people interested in this area of research. The talks will be in English.

Organizers: Frédéric Magniez (Chair Informatics and Computational Sciences, Collège de France), Alex Bredariol Grilo (LIP6)