Library of the Asian Society


A private institution, the library of the Asian Society is not part of the Far East Institutes. It is nonetheless located there by virtue of an agreement entered into with the Collège de France. As its name indicates, in principle, it covers all fields dealing with Asia; but, by vocation, it is devoted more to history and philology than to contemporary issues. A large number of its acquisitions results from exchanges with scientific establishments, libraries and research institutes throughout the world. It thus holds a fine collection of periodicals in Western and Asiatic languages (more than 1,800 titles). In addition, it has benefited from the bequests of entire libraries of considerable importance, primarily in the fields of Chinese studies (E. Chavannes, H. Maspero, P. Demiéville), Tibetan studies (J. Bacot) and Indian and Southeast Asian studies. These represent not only books, but also collections of original archaeological or ethnological objects and documents that are sometimes unique (Vietnamese collection, for example). There is no doubt that its presence within the Far East Institutes is beneficial and rewarding.

Access conditions

Members of the Society have free access to the shelves and the right to home borrowing, in accordance with internal rules. Doctoral students recommended by their supervisor and any other known researchers have access to consultation in the reading room.

Services available

Complete manual catalogue. Acquisitions from 1990 on computerized catalogue, consultable in the reading room.

Opening times

Monday to Friday, 1-6 p.m.


52, rue du Cardinal-Lemoine
75231 PARIS CEDEX 05