The Collège de France holds a collection of rare books, which form the core its specialized libraries, ranking among the finest in Europe and attracting a growing number of foreign researchers. Together with the General Library and its more generalist if not encyclopaedic collection, they form a bibliographic collection of great variety, at the cutting edge of the Collège de France’s disciplines of excellence.
Since 1936, the Collège has brought together the books forming a general library, primarily devoted to literature and human sciences. This is the library used by the professors, who created it through purchase requests and donations.

Apart from the general library, specialized libraries have developed over many years
around specific chairs and certain associated laboratories. Although intended for the professors and researchers attached to the Collège, they are also open to the outside public of specialists under certain conditions.
The general library and specialized libraries are located at two separate sites: 11, place Marcelin-Berthelot and 52, rue du Cardinal-Lemoine.

The general library, consisting of several literary and scientific centres, will soon be moved back, along with the Archives, to 11, place Marcelin-Berthelot. The specialized libraries are currently open at 52, rue du Cardinal-Lemoine.

A ‘guide to the libraries’ briefly presents the collections and provides some practical information on conditions of use, partially included here.

Information meeting on the new organization of the libraries of the Collège de France and the Oriental Institutes  [516.0Ko]