Library of West Semitic studies

Institut IPOA - sémitique


The library of the Institute of Semitic Studies holds a collection specializing in Semito-Hamitic (Afro-Asiatic) linguistics, western and southern Semitic epigraphy, the history and archaeology of the Near East, North Africa and Ethiopia; a large part of the collection concerns study of the Old Testament and the Qumran manuscripts.

The collections bequeathed by André Dupont-Sommer, Jean Starcky and Marcel Cohen form an integral part of this library.

The Institute of Semitic studies also houses the scientific archives of Jean Starcky and Marcel Cohen.


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The library receives more than 100 periodicals by subscription or exchange. Readers may consult, online, the periodicals received by all libraries of the Collège de France (Intranet access only).

Access conditions

Access limited to researchers and higher education professors as well as doctoral and post-doctoral students on the recommendation of their supervisor.

Services available

On-site consultation, photocopies, inter-library loans, information by post or telephone, manual and online bibliographic research

Opening times

Open: Monday to Friday, 2-6 p.m.


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