Philippe Sansonetti Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (2008-2020)



MD, Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France (1979)

Certified in Internal Medicine (1985)

Certified in Clinical Microbiology (1979)

MS, Biochemistry/Microbiology, faculté des sciences, Paris 7, France (1976)

Advanced Courses of Institut Pasteur: Microbiology, Virology, Immunology (1976-1977)

Postdoctoral training at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Washington DC, USA)

Fellowship from National Research Council of USA (1979-1981) 

Residencies and medical duties

Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris:

5 years residency in Internal medicine/Infectious & Tropical diseases (1974-1979)

Chef de Clinique-Assistant des Hôpitaux de Paris

4 years of Chief-Residency in Infectious & Tropical Diseases (1981-1985)

Head, Out-patient Clinic, Institut Pasteur Hospital (1985-1995)

Medical Director Institut Pasteur (1995-2000)

Principal Honors, Awards

Prix Jacques Monod for Excellence in Molecular Biology (1983)

Grand Prix of the French Academy of Medicine (1990)

EMBO member (1993)

Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (1994)

Louis-Jeantet Prize of Medicine (Switzerland, 1994)

Elected member of the American Academy of Microbiology (1994)

Robert Koch Prize (Germany, 1997)

AGF-Athena Prize (French Academy of Sciences, Institut de France, 2000)

André Lwoff Medal “For outstanding service to Microbiology in Europe” (Federation of

European Microbiology Societies, 2000)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholar (2000-2005, renewed 2005-2010)

Elected member of the French Academy of Sciences (2001)

Invited speaker to the Jubilee Symposium “Beyond Genes”, 100 th Anniversary of the Nobel

Prize (Stockholm, 2001)

Elected correspondent to the French Academy of Medicine (2002)

Elected member to the Deutsche Akademie der Natursforscher Leopoldina (2002)

Officier de l'ordre national du Mérite (1993)

Elected member of American Academy of Art and Sciences (2006)

Elected external member of the Max Planck Society (2007)

Elected Member of the Swedish Academy of Biotechnology (2008)

Awarded European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (HOMEOEPITH, 2008-2013)

GSK Foreign Scientist of the Year Award, American Society for Microbiology & American

Academy of Microbiology (2009)

Award of the coordination of a major European Union grant (STOPENTERICS) for the development of novel vaccines against Shigella and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (2010)

Duquesne Prize (2011)

Member (2010) and President (2011) of the European Academy of Microbiology

Awarded (with Prof. Pascale Cossart) the coordination of a Laboratory of Excellence (Integrative Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases) in the framework of the national program "Investments for the future" (2011)

Commandeur de l'ordre national du Mérite (2012)

Elected foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences (2012)

Senior Foreign Member of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2012-2017)

Inserm Grand Prix (2012, highest recognition in biomedical research in France)