Philosophy Institute


Philosophy at the Collège de France is currently represented by two Chairs, the Chair in History of Medieval Philosophy held by Professor Alain de Libera (2013), previously occupied by Etienne Gilson from 1932 and 1950, and the Chair in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge held by Professor Claudine Tiercelin (2010)

The Chairs represent an extension, within their own specific perspective, of work carried out between 1962 and 1990 by Jules Vuillemin (Chair in the Philosophy of Knowledge) and by Jacques Bouveresse (Chair in Philosophy of Language and Knowledge) between 1995 and 2010.

Beyond the diversity of styles, objects and methods, both courses attempt to reconcile a focus on texts and history and the demands of analysis and argument within the framework of a shared concept of philosophy as a rational and rigorous science.

Both Chairs regularly organize seminars and study days.

Chair in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge:

Chair in History of Medieval Philosophy: