PAUSE program changes its application platforms

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For scientist applications, the online platform is accessible here.

If you are applying to the PAUSE program for the first time:

From the application platform for scientists, create your institutional account and submit your first application.

If you have already applied to the PAUSE program in the past:

Your connection identifiers have been sent by e-mail to the administrative referents designated as such in the application files previously submitted. This procedure allows the institutions to submit the applications of new scientists and to find the files of beneficiaries already hosted in the institution in order to complete all forms related to their hosting (renewal application, reporting form, training needs assessment form) directly from the institution’s account.


For artist application forms, the online platform is accessible here.

From the artist application platform, create your institution account and submit your first application or renewal application.

All the forms related to the reception of artists in your institution (reporting forms, training needs assessment form) will also be submitted from this online platform.