Institute of Civilizations

Bandeau Institut des civilisations

Directed by Dominique Charpin

This collection is designed to give more visibility to the research activities of the Institute of Civilizations at the Collège de France, which consists of four departments:

  • The Anthropology department around the Chair in Anthropology of Nature;
  • The Ancient Mediterranean Civilization department, encompassing the entire Mediterranean basin and including Hellenistic and Roman civilizations, Byzantine Studies and Turkish Studies;
  • The ancient Near East department with Assyriology, Semitic studies, and Egyptology;
  • The ancient and modern Far East with modern Chinese studies, Japanese studies and the History of pre-Islamic Central Asia.

These fields cover the cultural, social and anthropological history of five continents, with the periods covered ranging from remotest antiquity to contemporary times. Emphasis is currently placed on the Mediterranean world and the Middle East, but the collection is destined to expand to cover all the Institute’s departments. 

Similarly, although this collection initially focused on archaeological research and historical geography, it is intended to raise awareness among a broad audience of the interdisciplinary nature of the institute itself, which includes editing texts, philological research, and historical and anthropological research overviews, among others. The collection will make the results of this research, which too often has a limited audience, available to both specialists and the general public. 

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