The Collège de France Publications

The Collège de France publishes a wide variety of books in both print and digital format. Digital books published by the Collège de France (over 140 titles) are available both in open access format on the OpenEdition portal and sold online.

These titles are published in different collections, some of which are co-published with private publishers (Fayard and Odile Jacob). Some books are also published in English or other languages (some inaugural lectures and other books published on the OpenEdition portal).

The Collections:

➢ Leçons inaugurales (Inaugural lectures) – in partnership with Fayard for the print edition
➢ Colloques de rentrée (Autumn symposiums) and "Travaux du Collège de France" (Collège de France works) – co-publication with Odile Jacob
➢ Conférences (Conferences) –collection originally published in digital format
➢ Annuaire (Yearbook)

These collections are completed by the Lettre du Collège de France which reflects the life of the institution. One edition is published annually in English, entitled the Collège de France Newsletter.

Lastly, several Collège de France chairs and institutes publish books based on their research or research carried out with their collaboration, in print or digital format.