Journal Kernos

Kernos is the only scientific journal entirely devoted to the study of ancient Greek religion. Created in 1987 under the aegis of the International Centre for the Study of Ancient Greek Religion (CIERGA), the journal is published by the Presses Universitaires de Liège (and distributed by De Boccard) under the responsibility of André Motte and Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge.

Each annual issue of Kernos offers original peer-reviewed papers, as well as epigraphic, archaeological, and bibliographical chronicles, which make it an indispensable working tool for those interested in ancient Greek religion or related topics. Since 1992, Supplements to the annual issue have also been published as a separate collection. This series includes monographs (especially reworked doctoral dissertations) and collections of papers on specific issues (often resulting from conference proceedings).

A close collaboration between the University of Liège and the Collège de France now allows this editorial and scientific endeavour to continue. The annual issue is available on the platform, soon to be renamed OpenEdition Journals, and some of the Supplements also are available on the platform OpenEdition Books.

Last supplements available (some of them will be published later on OpenEdition Books):

Kernos 35 supplément

Kernos | Supplément 35
Sous la direction d'Elena Chepel

Laughter for the Gods: Ritual in Old Comedy
Kernos 34 supplément

Kernos | Supplément 34
Sous la direction d'Ariadni Gartziou-tatti & Athanassia Zografou

Des dieux et des plantes. Monde végétal et religion en Grèce ancienne
Kernos 33 supplément

Kernos | Supplément 33
Sous la direction de Renaud Gagné & Miguel Herrero De Jáuregui

Les dieux d'Homère II – Anthropomorphismes
Kernos supplément 32

Kernos | Supplément 32
Sous la direction de Jan-Mathieu Carbon & Saskia Peels-Matthey

Purity and Purification in the Ancient Greek World
Kernos supplément 31

Kernos | Supplément 31
Sous la direction de Gabriella Pironti & Corinne Bonnet

Les dieux d'Homère. Polythéisme et poésie en Grèce ancienne
Kernos supplément 30

Kernos | Supplément 30
Sous la direction d'Hélène Collard

Montrer l'invisible – Rituel et présentification du divin dans l'imagerie attique
Kernos 29 supplément

Kernos | Supplément 29
Sous la direction d'Hedvig Von Ehrenheim

Greek Incubation Rituals in Classical and Hellenistic Times
Kernos supplément 28

Kernos | Supplément 28
Sous la direction de Stéphanie Paul

Cultes et sanctuaires de l'île de Cos