Yves Bréchet Technological Innovation Liliane Bettencourt (2012-2013)


Yves Bréchet is Professor of Materials Science at Grenoble-INP, Senior Member of the IUF, Associate Professor at McMaster (Canada) and Jiaotong (China), Member of the Academy of Sciences.

Born in 1961, Yves Bréchet graduated as an Engineer from the École Polytechnique and holds a PhD in materials physics. His research focuses on microstructural transformations in metals and alloys, microstructure-property relationships and materials selection methods. More recently, his analysis of architectures in natural materials has inspired the development of "made-to-measure materials" combining multimaterials and geometries to extend the scope of conventional materials. Formerly a scientific consultant in the industrial sector and a member of the French National Commission for Nuclear Waste, he was appointed High Commissioner for Atomic Energy in 2012.


Ecole Polytechnique (1981-1984)

PhD, University of Grenoble (1987)

Accreditation to lead research (1992)


Member of the French Academy of Sciences, Academia Europea and European Academy of Sciences.