Institut de chimie - Conférences du Pr O'Halloran (26 et 30 mars)

Dr. O’Halloran’s research interests center on the regulatory biology and chemistry of transition metal receptors involved in homeostasis and oxidative stress pathways. His laboratory focuses on molecular mechanisms regulating the uptake, trafficking and utilization of metals essential for growth and proliferation (i.e., zinc, copper and iron), nanoscale drug delivery mechanisms and on the mechanisms of clinically important anticancer agents that are based on arsenic, molybdenum
and platinum chemistry. This work provided early insights into molecular regulatory mechanisms and has led to the discovery of new classes of soluble metal receptors: metalloregulatory and metallochaperone proteins. Most recently, he has discovered nanoscale processes for targeted delivery of multifunctional therapeutic agents for treatment of hematological cancer and solid tumors: these agents are moving rapidly towards clinical trials. Other recent discoveries involve new roles for zinc fluxes in control of the earliest stages of mammalian development.

Jeudi 26 mars de 10h00 à 11h00
Antibody-Targeted Drug Delivery and Arsenic Trioxide-based
Agents for the Treatment of Metastatic Cancer

Lundi 30 mars de 14h00 à 15h00
Inorganic Chemistry of Cellular Decision Making Processes:
Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms of Transition Metal
Receptors which Regulate Gene Expression

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