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The PAUSE (Programme national d’aide à l’Accueil en Urgence des Scientifiques en Exil) program launches its fourth call for proposals. Public higher education or public research bodies could apply before the deadline, on January 23, 2018

Eligibility criteria

The funding is intended to co-finance a hosting project for a scientist from abroad, from any country or discipline, providing they fulfil the following criteria: 

  • They are able to provide evidence of their lecturer-researcher or researcher status (doctoral, post-doctoral or senior researcher) in any academic field;
  • They currently at risk
    - as a victim of persecution or violence due to their identity or beliefs;
    - as a victim of another form of threat (to be specified).

Whatever their current place of residence:

  • They are forced to go into exile;
  • Or have left their native country within the last three years – with some potential exceptions for doctoral students or those from countries where there has been conflict for over three years.

Scientists with French nationality are not eligible.

Although there is no minimum duration for financial support from the PAUSE program, establishments are advised to submit plans for hosting the scientist at risk for a minimum duration of six months.

Funding levels

Funding awarded depends on the status and experience of the beneficiary and the existence of a social support program at the host establishment:

  • Category 1 (doctoral student, research assistant), up to €20,000;
  • Category 2 (post-doctoral researcher, lecturer, research associate), up to €40,000;
  • Category 3 (university professor, research director), up to €60,000.

The co-funding grant will be paid to the host establishment on receipt of written confirmation of commencement of work from the successful PAUSE program candidate.

Duration of financial support

Financial support received for a scientist covers a maximum period of one year. It can be renewed once in exceptional circumstances, subject to a decision by the program bodies after a new selection process for which the establishment must apply.

The Program Management Office of the PAUSE program will request a summary report of the researcher’s feedback and an evaluation of their welcome in the host establishment after three months and at the end of the project set out by the establishment in the application.

Preparation of applications

Applications are prepared by the host public higher education or public research bodies.

Applications must include:

  • A completed, dated form signed by the director of the host establishment (the form must be submitted in a Word and in a PDF version);
  • A number of supporting documents:
    - Letter of engagement dated and signed by the director of the establishment undertaking to recruit a foreign scientist at risk for a specified term and to partly fund their stay.

- Official approval from the defence and security official at the establishment
- Provisional budget (see template attached)
- Bank details of the establishment sponsoring the applicant
- Copy of the first two pages of the passport or identity document of the applicant being sponsored by the establishment
- Evidence of the beneficiary’s urgent circumstances
- Applicant’s detailed CV
- Personal account by the scientist of their circumstances/career
- Statement of purpose letter from the applicant
- List of publications
- Document confirming the applicant’s status as a lecturer-researcher or researcher (Doctoral student, post-doctoral researcher, senior researcher)
- Summary of the scientific project which the applicant intends to pursue
- Depending on the applicant’s circumstances, any other document confirming the administrative status of the candidate in France (visa, residence permit, receipt for an asylum request, proof of refugee status, subsidiary protection, etc.).

Evaluation and selection of applications

Applications are evaluated by a subset of the PAUSE program Sponsorship Committee, based on the following criteria:

  • The degree of urgency and threat;
  • The quality of the scientific application;
  • The terms and conditions for support and personal and professional integration.

The Executive Committee of the PAUSE program selects applications from those put forward by the Sponsorship Committee. Its decisions are final.

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Security and confidentiality

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Submission of applications and contact details

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