Born on June 2, 1952

Student at the École normale supérieure (1972-1976)

Competitive teaching exam (agrégation) in philosophy (1976)

Postgraduate diploma in sociology (DEA) at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS, or School of Advanced

Studies in the Social Sciences), under Pierre Bourdieu (1977)

Studied at the University of Berkeley Department of Philosophy (1977-1979)

Philosophy teacher in high schools (Genevilliers, Paris, Montivillers, Grenoble, Voiron ; 1979-1984)

Post-graduate philosophy thesis at the University of Paris 1, under Jacques Bouveresse ("Intuition and inference. The peircian critique of metaphysics" ; 1982)

Assistant philosophy lecturer at the University of Rouen (1984-1989)

Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Paris 1 (1989-1993)

Higher doctoral thesis in philosophy under the direction of Jacques Bouveresse ("The Problem of Universals in C.S. Peirce"; 1990)

Visiting Professor, University of Aarhus (Denmark, 1992)

Professor of philosophy at the University of Tours (1993-1996)

Visiting Fellow, University of Canberra (Australia, 1998)

Professor of philosophy at the University of Paris 12, (1996-2010)

President of the Jury for internal and external competitive teaching exams (agrégation) in philosophy (2000-2003)

Member of the Institut Jean Nicod (Jean Nicod Institute, UMR 8129 ; 2001-)

Visiting Professor, University of Tampere (Finland, 2005)

Visiting Professor, Fordham University, New York, 2006-2007)

Chief scientist of the KNOWJUST Project (Knowledge, metacognition and modes of justification) as part of the Institut Jean Nicod, 2008-2011)

Professor at Collège de France (2010-)