15 juin 2022
09:45 - 10:25
Amphithéâtre Maurice Halbwachs, Site Marcelin Berthelot
En libre accès, dans la limite des places disponibles


Alexandre Mayran, EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse
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Alexandre Mayran

Alexandre Mayran
My name is Alexandre Mayran. I did my PhD in Montreal, Canada, at the IRCM in the laboratory of Pr Jacques Drouin. There, I worked on the interplay between cell fate specification and chromatin remodelling driven by pioneer transcription factors using different model systems (pituitary and limb buds). In 2019, I joined the laboratory of Pr Duboule as a postdoctoral fellow where I secured funding from Human Frontier Science Program to work on gastruloids, a 3D model of mammalian embryos. I study mechanisms underlying self-organization, its link with cell fate specification and how to complexify these artificial embryos.