I received my master’s degree in Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience at Regensburg University in Germany, where I conducted an 8-months-long research internship under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Di Benedetto. My work there centered on etiopathogenesis of major depressive disorder (MDD). In particular, I examined the role of neuroglial receptor/ligand complex EphA/ephrinA in glutamatergic neurotransmission and LTP induction in the context of MDD.

Keenly interested in neuroglial interactions, for my master’s thesis internship I have joined the team of Nathalie Rouach to study how astrocytic Cx43 hemichannels (HC) modulate synaptic transmission. Here, we have uncovered a mechanism of astrocytic Cx43 HC regulation essential for normal synaptic functioning.

Now as a PhD student in the Rouach team, I continue to probe the modalities of neuroglial interactions and ultimately how astrocytes contribute to neurotransmission in physiology and pathology by using molecular tools, superresolution imaging, and electrophysiology.