Doctorant en première année, co-encadrement par Armelle Rancillac (Équipe Rouach, CIRB) et Frédéric Chauveau (Équipe Granon, Neuro-PSI - Université Paris-Saclay).

Félix Bellier is a PhD student currently investigating the role of astrocytes in the regulation of slow-wave sleep at the College de France and NeuroPSI (Paris-Saclay). He holds a Master's degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology with a focus on Neuroscience from Sorbonne Université. He has also gained experience through various research internships, where he has worked on projects such as the contribution of microglia in remyelination and the study of the functional properties of astrocytes in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus, a key regulator of slow-wave sleep.

Félix mainly uses methods such as patch-clamp, biphotonic calcium imagery, imaging methods, and piezo recordings. His project is conducted at the College de France but the collaboration with other institutions such as Neuro-PSI and IRBA, is key in this project as it allows for a wider range of expertise and resources to be brought to bear on the research. His work aims to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying sleep regulation and its perturbations, which could open new therapeutic perspectives for sleep disorders.