Jérôme is a research engineer with a background in neuroscience and physics. He is particularly interested in neuroimaging technics to record neuronal responses in the brain and in the development of analysis methods for these technics. He holds an engineering degree in Physics from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg and a PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences from Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

He has spent the past 15 years working at the Collège de France in Paris, first as a postdoctoral associate in the Visual Handicap and Cortical Plasticity Team led by Dr. Milleret, and more recently as a member of the Mathematical Neuroscience Team led by Dr. Touboul and the Neuroglial Interactions in Cerebral Physiopathology Team led by Dr. Rouach. He is also collaborating with Professors Alain Prochaintz and Sonia Garel. Prior to this, Jérôme was a research associate at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan, where he worked in the Laboratory for Visual Neurocomputing under the supervision of Dr. Shigeru Tanaka.

Jérôme's current research projects include the role of astrocytes in vision during development and particularly during the critical period of plasticity. He also holds interests in the organization of functional maps in the visual system and in the development of visual responses in normal and pathological conditions