Call for Young Teams 2017

Call for a junior group leader theorist in physical sciences at the Institute of Physics of Collège de France (IPCdF), Paris, France

A young investigator/junior group leader position is open at the Physics Institute of Collège de France (IPCdF). We are aiming at a high-level scientist with 2 to 10 years of experience after the PhD, for starting independent work in the field of theoretical physics. Particular attention will be given to the fields of condensed matter physics, statistical physics, disordered systems, soft matter and biophysics, quantum gases and quantum optics. Currently, IPCdF hosts the Collège de France chairs of professors Jean Dalibard, Bernard Derrida and Antoine Georges as well as the research team of Jean-Michel Raimond and Michel Brune, and the young investigator teams led by IPCdF young investigators Benoît Fauqué, Çağlar Girit, and Alexei Ourjoumtsev.Collège de France also has chemistry and biology laboratories onsite and is in immediate proximity of a number of high-level research institutions. Interdisciplinary projects are thus also welcome.

The position is for four years, with a possible renewal for a second four-year period, after review. Collège de France can provide the salary of the PI for the first two years, after which the PI is supposed to secure salary support from external funding. Young scientists with a permanent position in France (e.g. within CNRS) are also encouraged to apply. The laureate will be granted office space, administrative support, funds for running costs and will have access to internal Collège de France calls for postdoctoral positions.

Laureates are expected to start their activity between March and December, 2018.

Application deadline: November 15, 2017

Application requirements:

The call is open to young researchers with 2 to 10 years of experience in academic research after the defense of their PhD.

The applicant will provide the following documents:

- Application form 
- Letter of motivation (no more than two pages)
- CV (no more than two pages)
- List of publications, communications to conferences, awards…
- Description of achieved/present work (2 pages)
- Short description of project, (1 page)
- Full description of project (5 pages in total) including state-of-the-art presentation (1 page). Please provide an estimate of running costs and computer equipment if applicable.

For each document listed above, please use the following filename convention:
YOURNAME_XXX_IPCdF_2013.pdf, where “XXX” holds for AF, ML, CV, PUB, Work, SHORT_PROJ, FULL_PROJ

Submission is performed online at academic jobs online.

- Two recommendation letters. The authors of recommendations will directly submit their letter on academic jobs online.

Calendar of selection process:

- Application deadline: November 15, 2017
- Pre-selection of candidates by the local steering committee by end of December, 2017
- Interview of pre-selected candidates: January 2018
- Offers to laureate: January 2018

The laureate is expected start his/her activity between March and December, 2018.


The Application Process is Closed