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  • Ina Ganguli, “Price Shocks and Scientific Production: Evidence from University Procurement Contracts”
    (Co-author: R. Murciano-Goroff)
    Discussant: Karim Lakhani
  • Dan Gross, “The Systemic Effects of Mission-Oriented Research: World War II and the Mid-Century Expansion
    of Biomedicine”
    (Co-author: B. Sampat)
    Discussant: Pierre Azoulay
  • Karim Lakhani, “AI at the Scientific Frontier: Mapping the Diffusion of Artificial Intelligence”
    (Co-authors: F. Dell’Acqua, Z. Rasouli, MA. Awada, K. Boudreau)
    Discussant: Antonin Bergeaud


Ina Ganguli

Dan Gross

Karim Lakhani