I did my scientific studies in Rome at University ‘La Sapienza’, where I obtained my PhD in ‘Neurophysiology and Clinical and Experimental Neurosciences’, in 2016. My main work there was the study of the immune system involvement in depressive like behaviors.  

I moved to Paris, after the PhD, starting a pioneer work at the ICM institute (Hopital Pitié-Salpetriere) in the Richard Miles lab. I worked on a new live human brain model studying the role of glial cells on the onset of epilepsy.

In 2019 I moved to the College the France, in Paris, in the laboratory of Dr. Nathalie Rouach. I am actively working on a project, refining a new live human brain model for several genetic manipulations on glia. The goal is to develop new therapeutic strategies for epilepsy.

Research interests: Astrocytes role in epilepsy; Microglia's role on hippocampal synaptic plasticity and on environmental responses.   Experimental imaging techniques and electrophysiology; Genetic manipulations: Viral DNA/RNA vectors transduction; Finding new experimental models for research in neuroscience. Ethics in Neuroscience.