Enseignement à l'extérieur (2011-2012)

Université de Genève
Electronic Structure of Correlated Materials from a Dynamical Mean-Field Theory viewpoint : Introduction, State of the Art and Perspectives
Les 20 et 27 mai 2011

Materials with strong electronic correlations have an amazing diversity of physical properties and potential functionalities. This diversity can only be fully grasped by going beyond the simplest model descriptions and taking into account the multiple degrees of freedom (especially orbital ones) and the often-complex electronic structure of those materials. Dynamical Mean-field Theory, in combination with electronic structure methods, has allowed for significant progress towards this goal. After a brief introduction to these approaches, the lectures will aim at providing an overview of their current capabilities, emphasizing successes but also limitations and the need for extensions. The lectures will be illustrated by several examples taken among transition-metal oxides and rare-earth compounds.