Colloque « Precision Many Body Physics »

Colloque organisé par le professeur Antoine Georges, Michel Ferrero, Raphael Lopes, Christophe Salomon, Boris Svistunov, Kris Van Houcke et Félix Werner. Du 12 au 14 juin 2023 au Collège de France (site Marcelin Berthelot).

Precision Many Body Physics

The workshop will focus on the theoretical and experimental control of correlated quantum matter, emphasizing recent progress and future directions. It will bring together theorists and experimentalists who share the goal of understanding and quantitatively predicting equilibrium properties and dynamical phenomena in strongly correlated many-body systems. Progress towards this goal requires cross-validations between computational, experimental and analytical results, in various fields including ultracold atoms (fermions in optical lattices or near a Feshbach resonance, arrays of Rydberg atoms...), materials (cuprates, frustrated magnets, moiré...), quantum chemistry, or nuclear physics.