Colloque international organisé par Claudine Tiercelin, chaire Métaphysique et philosophie de la connaissance et Alexandre Declos.

Vaporwave aesthetic. © D.R.

Les 5 et 6 juin 2023

  • Collège de France
    11, place Marcelin-Berthelot
    75005 Paris

Virtual Reality technology affords its users a strongly immersive and interactive experience of computer-generated environments, through a dedicated headset. With Augmented Reality devices, 3D computer-generated imagery is projected onto physical space, thereby "augmenting" the user’s surroundings with an overlay of virtual entities. These "Extended Reality" (XR) technologies are likely to become a part of our everyday life in the near future. They also raise a host of fascinating issues, which have increasingly been discussed in the recent philosophical literature. This international conference will investigate the metaphysical and epistemological questions raised by XR technologies.