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The canonical definition of the angular momentum flux in the Bondi formalism of general relativity transforms under supertranslations. These correspond to gravitational waves of infinite wavelength – or, quantum mechanically, to zero-energy gravitons. New definitions of the angular momentum flux have been proposed in the literature that are invariant under supertranslations. They are nonlocal in the gravitational field but physically consistent. Some of them nevertheless fail to reproduce the change in angular momentum of a gravitational system undergoing scattering with emission of gravitational waves even at the lowest order in the Newton constant G.

After a brief review of relevant earlier results, I will propose a definition of angular momentum and angular momentum flux that reproduces perturbative results in gravitational scattering, is conserved, closes the correct algebra under Poisson brackets, and reduces to the standard expressions in non-radiating spacetimes.


Massimo Porrati

New York University, USA