Pharaonic Civilization: Archaeology, Philology, History


Activities for the Chair in Pharaonic Civilization comprise –in addition to managing its rich Egyptology holdings and making them available to researchers– the three fields contained in its full title (Archaeology, Philology, History). Each has been addressed in courses over the past fifteen years.

The historical aspect was approached through a study of Middle-Eastern geopolitics in the 2nd millennium BC. The results were partly published as a series of online articles; work is in progress on a summary.

The archaeological aspect studied the origins and transformations of the Karnak temple complex; the main results were treated similarly. Additionally, an annual archaeological chronicle is also published in collaboration with the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology. It is available on the Chair’s website.

The third aspect is currently covered by a course in Egyptian literature, complemented with a seminar dedicated to the identification, translation and commentary of the Annals of Tuthmose III. These two fields of research will also result in two summary publications.

This work, along with that of researchers associated with the Chair, has also created opportunities for numerous international conferences and monographs (published by Éditions Soleb).

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All results —including reports about the team’s work— can be found on the Chair’s website:

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