Books & Ideas

Books & Ideas is the English-language version of the French-language website, As an intellectual association, a place for debate and a scholarly workshop, Books & Ideas aims to be a network of expertise, a network that is not restricted by geographical boundaries, that combines various disciplinary fields, and that remains accessible to a large number of readers. Consultation of the website and subscription to the newsletter are completely free of charge.

Books & Ideas includes hitherto unpublished articles and book reviews written in English, and translations of a selection of the writings published in French in Our purpose is to provide quality information about current intellectual life and publications in France and internationally, as well as discussions of the great issues of our time, in the form of in-depth essays, interviews and public debates.

We intend to give all fields of scholarship (the human sciences, but also the exact sciences, aesthetics, literary criticism, architecture, and so on) a wide exposure that makes use of all the resources of the internet. We want to contribute in this way to disseminating knowledge and investigations beyond their sphere of production, with a view to decompartmentalizing academic disciplines.

selection of essays, reviews and interviews published in Books & Ideas

Pierre Rosanvallon, "Democratic Universalism as a Historical Problem", Books & Ideas, 8 April 2008.