Anne Neukamp - The Efficient Image

© Ludovic Jecker

Anne Neukamp will show how her paintings emerge in the process of a multitude of layers and references where perception constantly oscillates between abstraction and figuration, between material fabric and spatial imagination: autonomous compositions of forms and colours, where distinctive signs both fall back and call upon one another, as if they were trying to colonize one other and were gradually aspiring to bring their primary meanings to an end. She will indicate how, for conceiving her paintings, she refers to the vocabulary of the world of visual communication around us: logotypes, emblems, icons, pictograms, signs, found on stickers, magazines or on the web. Such motives go through a process of elaborated mutations so that their initial intentions tend to fade away, allowing their constitutive elements to activate, within the context of the image, their own visual logic. Thus, her paintings tend to offer mere fragmentary, at best half-figurative, references, whereas the original meaning becomes limited to homeopathic doses.


Languet, Huile, tempera, acrylique sur coton, 200 x 150 cm, 2014, Courtesy Valentin, Paris

Anne Neukamp was born in Düsseldorf in 1976. She lives and works in Berlin. She is represented by several galleries and institutions in Germany and in France. Her work was recently shown in the context of solo exhibitions at the Kunstverein Oldenburg, Germany (2013), the Wilhelm-Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen, Germany (2012) at Galerie Valentin, Paris (2014) at Galerie Gregor Podnar, Berlin and Ljubljana (2012 and 2013). Her paintings produce a floating state between figurative motifs and an abstract, incomplete, loose cosmology. Using oil and tempera paints on large canvases, she diverts the vocabulary of the visual communications we live by: logotypes, emblems, icons, pictograms, signs, by rendering them fundamentally ambiguous.

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