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At the age of 32, I became the editor in chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper, one of the largest ones in Vietnam, regarding tirage and ranking. After 8 years of working as a reporter, I was forced to leave because of my dissenting views on the struggle and social construction, and the same implicit policy, prohibiting continuing journalism. I switched to doing trade promotion and support for businesses. The work has no professional expertise. 
I participated to create a new type of newspaper: consulting newspaper, consumer centric (Saigon Marketing newspaper) in 1996. And set up a program to support enterprises to conquer consumers based on product quality. Since then, the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Business Association (HQVGBA) has been established and I was chair woman the Association so far.
Building a development link network between Mekong Delta provinces (Forum and Mekong Connect network have been ongoing for 8 years).
Until now, I still work and continue to take advantage of social networks to communicate and promote Vietnamese goods and Vietnamese businesses.

Vũ Kim Hạnh

VU Kim Hanh

One of the most well-respected journalist and business promoter in Vietnam, Ms. Kim Hanh was the youngest editor-in-chief (at the age of 32) of Tuoi Tre, the most popular and influential newspaper in the nation. She has been doing her best in supporting Vietnamese companies from 1996 by setting up a program to help businesses convince consumers by focusing on their product quality. That program grew and established the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Business Association (HQVGBA) for helping them improving competitiveness, enhancing production and going global. She is the chair woman of that Association from 2015, then and now.


Vũ Kim Hạnh

Ex-éditrice en chef du journal Jeunesse, puis fondatrice de l’hebdomadaire Saigon Marketing, de la Communauté des producteurs de produits vietnamiens de qualité à HCMV et du réseau Mekong Connect