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Modératrice : Phượng Bùi Trân, professeur invité, Collège de France


An article about how Vietnam's history and culture have impacted women's development, taking the author's family members as a case study, could explore Vietnam's long history of gender inequality, and how this has affected women's opportunities and rights. It could look at the traditional roles of women in Vietnam, and how they have been affected by the wars, colonization and modernization that the country has gone through. Additionally, the article could explore how women's rights have evolved over time, and what challenges remain in the modern day. It could also look at how Vietnam's culture and history have affected specific women in the case study, and how they have navigated the challenges they have faced. Finally, the article could look at how women in Vietnam are making progress and pushing for further improvements in their rights and opportunities.

Nguyễn Hoàng Ánh

Hoang Anh NGUYEN

Nguyễn Hoàng Ánh (PhD) is an Associate Professor of FPT School of Business and Technology (FSB). She is expertise in International Trade, International Business, CSR and Gender in Business. She is al so visiting lecturer and visiting researcher in Copenhagen University, Seoul National University, HEC in Montreal Canada, ETH Zurich Switzerland, ESCAP UN in Bangkok and Sheffield University, UK. Her research and expertise are in business culture, business ethics, CSR, crosscultural management and gender in entrepreneurship with more than 40 publications both nationally and internationally. In Vietnam, she is popular as an activist for social reform & gender equality movements.


Nguyễn Hoàng Ánh

Professeure-adjointe à l’École de commerce et de Technologie FPT