Library of Arab, Turkish and Islamic Studies

Bibliothèque arabe


The library of Arab and Islamic Studies contains the collections of Louis Massignon, Jean Sauvaget, Henri Laoust, Régis Blachère, Jacques Berque and Claude Cahen. The books it holds therefore concern all the disciplines of Arab-Islamic civilization, from the origins of Islam to the contemporary era. A large proportion of the library’s books is in Arabic.

Here, one can consult the most current periodicals such as Arabica, Studia islamica and the Journal of Arabic Literature, as well as old periodicals such as Les Annales de l'Institut d'études orientales from the University of Algiers or La Revue du monde musulman.

Access conditions

Access limited to researchers and higher education professors and doctoral and postdoctoral students on the recommendation of their supervisor.

Services available

On-site consultation, information by post or telephone.
The catalogue is currently being computerized.

Opening times

Open: Monday to Friday, 1.30-6 p.m.
Closed from November 4th 2019 due to the relocation of the library (reopening dates will be communicated at a later time).


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